They Don't Need A Tail To Find Birds !

About Majorline

About Majorline


My name is Laylon Cox and thanks for stopping by at the Majorline Gundogs website. We are located in the small community of Hayden, Alabama just north of Birmingham. I grew up here in Alabama and have hunted pretty much all my life. As a youngster, I owned Beagles and enjoyed hunting rabbits. Then in my late teens, a friend introduced me to quail hunting and more importantly, bird dogs. I was immediately fascinated and amazed with their drive to hunt and their desire to please. I spent my teen years hunting old farms and reclaimed strip minds with my friend earning a great appreciation for these remarkable canine athletes.

As a young man, my attentions turned to my education, starting a career and a family, but all the while planning on one day having a bird dog of my own. This all became a reality one day in 2001 when I purchased my first bird dog, a Brittany puppy that I would name Major, after the quarterback of the Texas Longhorns, Major Applewhite who I just so happened to watch in a football game the very night I brought my new pup home. From the time I got him, Major and his off spring have brought me a great amount of pleasure in training, hunting and field trialing with them. We have traveled many miles, walked about the same, had some great times and met some great people in our field trialing endeavors.

I have two sons, Dillon who is twenty-one and Carson, who is nine and a stepson, Alex, who is twelve. Hunting and field trialing present an opportunity for us to do something as a family. The boys and I like to trial about twice a month when time permits and the bank account allows. Our Brittanys are our pets first and foremost and field trial competitors and hunting companions second.

I am a member of the Bama Bird Dog Club in Lincoln, Alambama where I have gotten to the know some great men who have helped me greatly over the past several years in training and trialing. I have also been fortunate enough over the last couple of years to become affiliated with some great sponsors who support me in my field trialing activities. Please check out my sponsors page to see a list of these great companies and visit their web-sites to see what they have to offer in the way of great new products.

Well again, thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy viewing our web-site. Check back now and then as we continually update our site with articles, pictures and items of interest from our travels, trials and tribulations as a "Field Trialing Family".

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